Our values are the things we believe in that drive the way we do things. To achieve our vision we need to respect, adopt and be proud of the norms, behaviours and patterns that we identify ourselves with as NCC in our operations.


At all times we aspire to serve with the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour that builds our reputation and always act in the best interests of children.


It’s our responsibility to use the organisation’s resources efficiently, in a bid to achieve measurable results, and being accountable to stakeholders, partners and above of all, the children.


We respect, appreciate and value each others’ role, and work with partners/ stakeholders to strengthen the protection of child rights.


Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and effectiveness of the policies and measures we put in place to safeguard children rights.


Taking ownership of child rights protection policies and being accountable for reaching out to all responsible parties and partners concerned with developing a self-worthy child.


To always craft different reach out programs to educate guardians, parents, schools about
children rights protection.


Advocating for the rights of participation and dialogue so that the child grows feeling his or her needs/ wants are not dictated upon, sometimes they are arrived at after discussion.


Valuing and protecting all rights a child is meant to have through the growing process.


Advocate for justice and mitigating all possible avenues that are likely to drive in child rights